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Appearance, dependability, and efficiency mixed with quality, innovative thinking, and meticulous attention to detail and you are left with better than expected results.


We at EPS are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to making your project go as smoothly as possible. No matter how large or small your needs may be, we are committed to getting your job done right. Elevated Paver Systems was created when we saw a need for an efficient hardscape company in Oklahoma. Our goals are to provide a perfect install, with a competitive price. We specialize in difficult projects that would be a challenge for a less experienced contractor to complete.


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The gathering place

Gathering Place - EPS - Final-4.jpg

four seasons garden

The Four Seasons Garden is the spectacular main entrance to the Gathering Place Park. With more than 15,000 individual pieces, the outdoor promenade is a design and engineering marvel. Each element was drafted in 3D to ensure a proper fit before a single stone was extracted from the quarry. During peak production, as much as 100 tons per week were being delivered to the project. EPS also hired and oversaw a third-party engineering firm to streamline the structural support elements to create a flexible system that saved both time and money, without sacrificing structural integrity. The largest pieces, nearly 5 tons in weight, cantilever twenty feet in the air over the awe struck guests heads. The entire venue, which stretches several football fields in length, is made up of 15 walls and 24 columns each of which were set using innovative vacuum clamps and all-terrain cranes. EPS utilized a modular crew system throughout the duration of our scope to exceed the schedule requirements. Even with the immense schedule constraints and extreme expectations, this venue was completed on time without a single injury.

the lodge and boathouse

The Lodge and Boathouse are two of the only occupiable venues at the Gathering Place. The stone floor at the Lodge spans nearly 10,000 SF between the first and second level. Each stone was custom fabricated, dry-laid in an offsite warehouse, and then reassembled at the project site. At the Boathouse, EPS installed 6,500 SF of exterior stone flooring atop a 40' high cantilevered patio. The largest pieces weighed over 250 LBS each and were set using a vacuum system.

Gathering Place - EPS - Final-9.jpg

Gathering Place - EPS - Final-15.jpg

Exterior hardscape

The hardscape portion of the Gathering Place required EPS to touch nearly every inch of the mile long park. In total, EPS installed 1.6 Acres (70,000 SF) of Stone Paving, 4.9 Miles of Stone Curbing & Stairs, and over 5,000 SF of natural stone retaining walls. EPS used innovative material tracking techniques to ensure sure the 20+ different material types arrived in the proper sequence and location. Many of these features were modeled in 3D to increase efficiency.